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Get Involved

Do you enjoy singing, playing the guitar, the piano, or drums?  How about photography, graphic design, working with computers, gadgets, cables, audio/video and the like?   If you have a musical, creative, or technical gift, you can help our team create unforgettable experiences at Quest Church.

Our main goal is to offer an opportunity for people to find their gifts and use them to worship God.

The precursor to serving in this area is our School of Worship. We are committed to training. This is an orchestrated training time that orients you to the Quest philosophy of ministry. School of Worship puts you in the right heart and mindset for ministry together with others at Quest. Strengths are developed to maximize your performance and your service.

There are three primary ways to be involved;
·      being a part of the vocal team
·      being a part of the instrumental team
·      being a part of the A.V. Support team

Vocal Team
Those who have been gifted with a pleasant voice, some musical background and a blending spirit are encouraged to join us on the vocal team.

Instrumental Team
These are the musicians playing instruments on stage during the Sunday experiences.  We encourage you to checkout one of our midweek practices. We are always looking for musicians who want to join our team.

A.V. Team
It takes a lot of people behind the scenes to make our Sunday experiences happen and this includes lighting, sound, and computer operators.  We would love for you to come be a part of our team of people who help others hear, see and experience God.  No prior technical knowledge is necessary for these volunteer roles because we provide the time and the training to make you successful.

Feel free to email the Creative Arts Department ( if you have any questions.

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