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The Key to Strong Faith

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The Key to Strong Faith
Romans 4

I. The Father of Faith

II. The Forgiveness of Faith

Psalm 32:

Phileomon v.18

III. The Family of Faith

IV. The Factors of Faith

Confidence in a person

His Faith was Conversant with the Problem

Faith was consistent in its progress

Abrahams was Convinced of the Promises

“Paul’s statement concerning the death and resurrection of Jesus shows that it was not the death of Jesus alone which provides the basis upon when God justifies the believer, for if Christ had stayed dead, He would never have been regarded as anything other that another unfortunate martyr to a lost cause. But through His resurrection, He was sown to be the ‘Son of God with power’ and , accordingly, the divine answer to the human problem.”
Stuart Briscoe CC, p.108

The key to strong faith is not more faith, it is an deep, personal understanding of the Object of Faith

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